This was the final round of a, shall we say eventful year.
So on to qualifying, after last years "little bump" you would have forgiven Colin for being a little bit cautious but actually he got on pretty well and had his best qualifying position of the season, just over a second from pole!

So onto race day - could Colin finally get a decent result and maybe even get his hands on a trophy??

To cut a long story short, no!  2 laps into the race and the engine started to loose power, Colin tried his hardest to keep the rest of the pack behind him, a little to hard at one point, coming briefly off the track at the very fast Paddock Hill bend.

One by one the cars started going past as the car became slower and slower, Colin eventually finished 17th out of 28.  Shortly after the race Colin was quoted  saying "thank god this year is over" and who can blame him, hopefully next year the car will be reliable!!