With last years round at Thruxton being one of Colin's best showings of the season there was a lot of optimism in the team for yet another strong showing this year especially with the strong performances he has already put in this year, but all was not well with the car this time, on the first lap of qualifying two totally unrelated failures were to finish of the weekend immediately.

On the warm up lap Colin noticed smoke coming from the back of the car, unsure if it was the bodywork rubbing a tyre or a problem with the engine he drove straight into the pits, with the engine seemingly running fine and no smoke Colin was sent back out but as he left the pits a big puddle of oil was left where the car had been standing but without a radio in the car it was impossible for the team to call Colin back in.

Out on track Colin could see the smoke was getting worse and decided to coast the car back to the pits but before he got halfway around the track he found the brake pedal was locked solid and had virtually no brakes as well, this was to be all the time he would be spending on track this weekend but it did give us time to take some pictures for our sponsors (Kerry Commercial) who kindly lend the team vans and fuel for the race meetings.