This was always going to be an interesting place to go and race, not only is Cadwell Park a very tight and twisty track, Colin would also be without his regular team, so for this race he teamed up with Dewhurst Engineering (Rick and Andy) This turned out to be quite a lucky move as before the car even turned a wheel the car failed scrutineering due to a faulty fire extinguisher system , this caused Colin to miss the practice session whilst Rick worked his magic on the little electronics box to arm the system.

With the fire system now armed the car was now able to qualify, this was going to be tough as every other driver had been out to learn the track already, to make things more interesting the red flag was put out as a car lost control and crashed on the second lap, with  the clock ticking down and Colin with just 1 lap under his belt, the green flag was raised and they set off again, after just two more laps the red flag was brought out again and the session finished, surprisingly Colin didn't qualify last being 28th out of 30.

The race was much better though, Colin got a fantastic start and still learning the track got quicker and quicker everytime around and quickly worked his way through the pack and the car was running perfectly!
Colin eventually finished 14th overall and 5th in class, but the most impressive stat was his fastest lap was nearly 20 seconds faster than he went in qualifying! who knows where he would of finished if things had gone his way earlier in the weekend!