He finally did it! It’s taken a while but he got there! No, he didn’t get a place on the podium or win the tyres at the end of the weekend in the raffle, but he managed to finish his 6th race and get a full licence, which if you’ve been following Colin’s unlucky racing history to date, is a big achievement!

Testing started well and Colin even got a chance to test the very latest car from Juno, giving him crazy ideas that selling his kidney to raise money for a Juno is a good idea! However, the Juno team seemed impressed with Colin’s times as it was apparent that although he was driving cautiously, he was still achieving good, consistent times around the track.

Qualifying was fairly disappointing unfortunately as there was a problem with the cam shaft resulting in Colin only being able to complete a few laps. Luckily the laps he completed were enough to qualify for the race. However the race didn’t seem much better either with the Tiga’s engine troubles worsening. Everyone else seemed to be having a bad day too and after a number of incidents the safety car came out and reduced everyone’s speed to practically a crawl right up to the end. This was great news for Colin though, as it meant he could finish the race without blowing up!

So not a great spectator race but the weather was nice for a change and Colin finished a race in spite of engine troubles for a change as well!