Colin tested the Tiga race car on Saturday and did superbly. The track was new to most people and Colin was only a second behind the leader, proving that his flair for racing is of a high standard when measured against other competitors with the same knowledge of the track. Colin showed such fearlessness and determination on this track that even his fellow racing drivers thought that he had the fastest lap time overall when using unofficial timing and his girlfriend and teammate Chris Clifton were peeking between their fingers at Colin’s pace around the track.

However, Colin’s almost trademark poor luck reared it’s ugly head on the Sunday during the qualifying when the heaven’s opened and seemed to have a bad effect on the car’s electrics. Colin qualified near the back of the grid and despite efforts to correct the car’s problems during the day, he failed to finish the race after the car cut out twice in the rain. Such a disappointing Sunday considering the positive and promising Saturday that came before it.