Colin Peach suffered his first racing accident this weekend at Silverstone

Feeling confident in the car, having good circuit knowledge and a new setup, Colin was feeling good straight of the pits the car felt great the gears were spot on and wanted to go fast !

After the first lap though disaster struck Colin feeling confident in the car and already doing a good pace came across another car who was travelling slower and off the racing line to warm up their tyres, Colin dived up the inside to get past. Unfortunately the other driver did not expect someone to be coming past so early and turned back onto the racing line -- the line Colin was on!

The two cars collided spinning both cars round!

Colin managed to keep the engine running and tried to carry on, but unaware of the damage done to the car he soon found the backend was sliding all over the place and decided to pull the car into the pits but before he got there he had to stop the car on track because it started to overheat. Once out of the car Colin then realised how damaged the car was -the entire right hand side of the car had been crushed breaking the radiator and bending the wheels

He then got towed back to the pits where the team got to see the damage and it didn't look good for getting it ready for Saturday's race.


Sunny Saturday

After waking up from a rather chilly night in his tent Colin set off to find the team

After walking down the pit lane he could see his car but with nobody working on it.
His heart sank, however once he reached the car he was told that another team had lent them a radiator and we would be racing later that day :) .


Time for the race

Race time, Colin gets strapped into the car and fires it  up. It started first time , but driving down to the start line he noticed that the car was pulling to the left , the suspension must have been damaged in the accident, but he carries on cautiously and manages to finish the race. No medals this time but at least he gets a signature towards his full racing licence.