Qualifying was a disaster! after just a few laps warming up the car and tyres, the gearbox had a moment and exploded! This was devastating as we had had such a good start to the season and being a double header event it was going to hurt bad!

I limped the car back and was ready to pack-up and go home, I was talked out of this by Rick and Andy who decided to take the gearbox apart to see what happened

Once the gearbox was opened although badly damaged, there was a chance we might be able to get something working so that at least we would get some championship points for starting.

Rick and Andy did an amazing job of gluing (I kid you not) the gearbox casing back together and getting a whole two gears that actually worked, 2nd and 5th.

It was decided that not to put too much strain on the gearbox we would start from the pit lane, the lights went out and I started the race.

Donnington  is a fast flowing track so once I was up to speed in 5th gear I was actually able to keep up and even overtake some of the older sports 2000 cars. During the race two of the class B drivers had a coming together and took themselves out of the race, another Class B car broke down so amazingly, not only did we finish, we came second in class!