Round 2 saw us heading to Thruxton, Hampshire for 2 races. A Championship race and then an Endurance race . With the car and myself both having lost a few lbs I was hoping to improve on my times from last year.

After Silverstone we made some more car set-up changes to suit the fast flowing Thruxton race track. Qualifying took place on a damp track, so I took it cautiously, improving by around a second a lap, each lap. Finally qualifying in 8th place.

The start of the race went well and I overtook a number of cars, including my main rivals. Unfortunately the tyres we had on the car where the same that we did qualifying and the race at Silverstone with, so were very worn out, resulting in me slipping back two places, but still I managed to finish 1st in class and I was much closer to the more modern class A cars.


The 1 hour Endurance Race saw me partnering up with a rookie driver Kevin, who hadn’t driven since the 1980’s when he raced saloon cars. To give Kevin the most amount of practice in my car, I only did one fast lap in qualifying before handing the car over to him. As I stood in the pit lane nervously watching my own car being driven on track without me behind the wheel, the red flag came out meaning there had been an accident out on the track, which had me feeling extremely anxious. Thankfully Kevin wasn’t involved and brought the car back in one piece. We were good enough to qualify 9th overall.

It was decided that I would start the race as the pack was close. Off the line into the first corner I was hit from behind spinning me, putting me down to 28th, last place! However I was able to set my best lap ever (to date) 2 seconds than I’d ever been before. At the end of my stint I was back up to 6th place. As I handed the car over to Kevin at half way into the race, the safety car came out and this caused us to be stuck in the pits. Once back on track Kevin did well for this first time and we finished 9th overall and 3rd in class.