So after months of thinking what to do in 2014 I settled upon moving up to the Sports 2000 Duratec championship. This was quite a tough choice as I absolutely loved my time in the Pinto's but we never ever got past bad luck - if we did, we would fly and be right up there (Championship runner-up 2013). We initially decided that we would skip the 2014 season and do a full nut and bolt rebuild of the car to iron our all the gremlins we had. But halfway through 2014 a car came up for sale and what a car surely one of the prettiest on the grid - a Van Diemen RFS02. We decided that we would buy this car and go racing! Time restraints ( buying the car at the end of the season) meant we could only do one race this year. We had a lot of work to get me comfortable in the car and to learn all the new systems but by the end of the weekend we finished with a great result, 2nd in class with the fastest lap of the race!  Bring on 2015!