The 2008 season is now with us and the opening round was at Oulton Park.

In all honesty the opening round was just a week too early for Colin and his team as they battled through Thursday,  Friday and right through the nights trying to get the car to the track in one piece. But they did it and got the car through scrutineering ,

Good start so far ..

Qualifying went roughly as predicted for a car that was only just running, a lack of power and a small oil leak to start with and a small misfire about 4 laps in was enough for Colin to bring the car in, not wanting to do any damage to the car. Even with all these problems he set a time 6tenths of a second a  lap faster than last year .

For the race a few screws were tightened and some adjustments were made to the engine, but just as Colin got to the line to start the race the car started misfiring awfully. He started the race and took to the pits after the 1st lap. His mechanics found that one of the leads going to the engine wasn't connecting properly. After reconnecting Colin went back out for a few laps before the lead came loose again . Again it was reattached and off he went, although now a few laps down, he managed to catch a few cars and have a bit of fun before the end of the race.

....on the upside the repeating problems with the engine last year seem to be cured :-)