Being the cars first proper outing I thought I'd take it extra careful and was able to easily follow the car in front, I thought it was a good idea to follow this red car, car number 20, in front as he seemed to be going at a sensible pace but even then the standing water was horrendous, I could feel the car aquaplaning everywhere so bad that it could not even travel in a straight line, saying that I only had one real "moment" on the last corner of the last lap when the car decided it fancied going sideways and headed straight towards a rather solid looking pit wall, I managed to catch the car and hold it in a slide and then got it pointing the right way just as I crossed the line, the car itself was not great though, we were down on power by quite a lot and the brakes were very inconsistent - sometimes locking the left wheel, sometime locking the right, but at the end of the day it was job done - I qualified and kept the car in one piece.


Race Day

We woke on Saturday to the sun, it was a much, much, better day, we got to the car and made a few tweaks to help the cars handling in the dry, other than that all we had to do was get the slick tyres fitted on to the wheels, check the oil and fuel and away we go.

So off I went to find our tyre supplier/fitters van, only to find that he went home the night before, I'm not entirely sure why a company who is committed to selling and supporting tyres to Sports2000 decided to leave half way through a race meeting but they did!

Anyway that left us with a bit of a problem  luckily for us "ProTyre" who supply Michelin tyres for another series were kind enough to fit our Yokohamas for us ( thanks guys).

So the big moments here "Tigger 2" ( as I call the car ) is set for it's first race since the late 1980's.

Lining up on the grid was with a bit of a mixed emotions, we qualified 22nd out of 31 cars which I was pleased with especially considering it was the cars 1st outing , the torrential rain, the rubbish engine and the scary brakes .. but it still seemed a long way from the front where we were last season.

The red lights go out and I get a good launch off the line and make a few places, turning into the first corner there was a huge crash going on around me, I choose to take a really wide line and drop some places to make sure the new car didn't get damaged and that was successful, continuing on it was actually quite exciting racing mid pack, lots of overtaking was going on and I was trying my best to keep in the pack,
Then after the 3rd lap my clutch stopped working, I did think about retiring the car but thought what the hell it's my only race this year lets keeping going.

As it turned out the Hewland race gearbox is pretty good at going through the gears without using the clutch and I managed to even pick up a few more places before the chequered flag .

Back in the paddock we had a quick look at the car before it was packed back on to the trailer and found some fairly good news, the clutch was not working because of a small oil leak where a pipe was not tightened properly - cheap fix - RESULT!