A few weeks passed and we gave up on that idea, all the mounting points were different  and it started to end up that we were making so many custom parts that we might aswell start again and make all the correct parts for a Tiga SC81.

Andy and Rick made a cracking job and we only missed the final race of 2009 at Brands Hatch by a few hours, in fact it was so close I was there and had prepared the garage.

For 2010 we had to make sure the car was exactly as it should have been, no more mish mash of parts would be allowed. At first this didn't seem like it would be to much trouble , maybe a days work or so, but nope nothing is ever easy and to be built to the rules we had to move the brake discs to next to the gearbox rather than in the wheel as you would expect, this has been nothing but trouble and as of 11th March we still have not managed to get this sorted.

If we do by some miracle get the car finished we will only be doing the Sports2000 Historic championship this year and hopefully we can get to the European round at SPA in Belgium.