Back out on the track Colin started giving it the beans and was setting even better times until he decided to try something new in the first corner - trying to take it in 4th gear rather than dropping down to 3rd.

The entry into the corner was much better but the car was just carrying to much speed and ran out of grip and slid off the track at about 80mph  head on into a very hard tyre barrier.

The impact was massive, the car was instantly destroyed, Colin managed to get out but soon collapsed at the side of the track!

The marshals car running over , Doctor's arrived and so did an ambulance, all of which were brilliant.

Colin was taken to the medical centre where he was checked out, but the Doctor was not happy and sent him back off in the ambulance to go to the local hospital!

The hospital then took a number of scans and ran some tests and decided that Colin had a small fracture to his spine and would be staying in hospital for at least a week.

After a few days in bed Colin was back walking un-aided pleasantly surprising the Doctor who decided that one more day in hospital then plenty of rest was needed.

As soon as Colin got that news he was on the phone to Rick and Andy to find out how long it would take to fix the car, that's when Colin got the really bad news, the car really was destroyed and would never see a track again :(