After the fun and games of the last race and armed with a new throttle cable, we were quite optimistic of a really good result here.

On the track qualifying did not go so well. The new throttle cable was sticking on making it nearly impossible to slow the car down and change through the gears. After a lengthy pit stop and fitting of some big springs to  try and make a temporary fix (that that didn't quite work) we were very surprised to find ourselves still in the top 10 overall and 3rd in class

After the qualifying session the boys worked hard and got the troublesome cable sorted and we were all set for the race.

As the lights went out Colin had an absolute peach of a start and was absolutely flying , making some great moves, to get right up to the front runners, After a few laps though Colin noticed that the car was not steering straight and found himself in a dilemma - retire the car with a suspected puncture or carry on? .

He decided to carry on but lap after lap the car was getting worse and worse and Colin was holding the steering wheel at 45 degrees just to go in a straight line!  Losing 6 seconds a lap Colin could see cars catching him in his mirror. Eventually they caught and past a defenceless Colin .

At the end off all this drama and excitement Colin ended up back where he started from - finishing 9th overall and 3rd in class

After the race it was clear to see it wasn't a puncture causing the problem but a bent wishbone, from a small touch off the start line , that had been collapsing.