As you can see from the picture it was a very interesting weekend for Colin !!

The weekend started well with a good qualifying session.  Although he came into the pits for work on the car Colin still managed to qualify 2nd in class and 5th overall.

Then came the actual race. With the start delayed to clear the track from the previous race, the Race Commentator decided to talk about this race and the Sports 2000 series in depth. He picked out Paul Streat and Colin as the main drivers to watch out for! Colin had obviously caught his eye in qualifying as he said he thought Colin could have qualified even higher up the grid if he hadn't been in the pits at the optimum time in qualifying before the rain came. He admired the cars in general and made a special mention of Colin's black and silver car with the mean looking central rear view mirror .


It was now time for the race to start. Colin's start was ok  but approaching the first corner  disaster struck. Colin was hit by a fellow racer from his class. The nose cone was thrown in the air and only missed hitting Colin when it was deflected off  the said central mirror which took the full force - have a look at the video !!  That was it - race over.

Back in the pits decisions had to be made. With Snetterton only 2 weeks away  Colin decided he would try and repair the car and enter the Sunday Duratec race.  Thanks to sterling work by Rick, Andy and Phil they managed to get the car up and running. A special mention to all the other Sports 2000 teams who offered help to get the car fixed

Sunday qualifying went really well with Colin in pole  position of all the Pintos and 16th overall.

Onto the race and again everything was going well. A good start and several great  overtaking moves meant Colin was moving up the field. 
Unfortunately around lap 8 the throttle cable snapped and Colin was forced to pull off the track.

A strange weekend overall with some highs but quite a few lows.