Qualifying for Race 2 was very much like for Race 1, with cars from an early session covering the track in oil. The entire Sports2000 grid was almost exactly 2 seconds slower than in the first  session

Even with the oil on track Colin once again found himself near the front of the grid in 10th place, 2nd in class.

For Race 2 Colin made a much better start and held his position well in to the first corner. After a few laps he was battling past the cars near the front who are much more determined to keep Colin behind , twice forcing him off the track . Eventually he got upto 6th place overall and had a monster battle with ex Sports2000 champion Jonathan Loader for the rest of the race. Darting inside and out he could just not get past and as Colin crossed the finish line it was yet another 2nd place and another trophy to add to his collection!

After the race the other drivers could not believe Colin managed to finish 2nd after his excursions off track - they must have looked pretty scary for the field behind.