With a slightly longer than planned break the Sports2000 Championship arrived at Oulton Park with a double header making up for the missed round at Donnington Park.

Qualifying  was to be a bit of an adventure as a car in the session before had covered the entire track in oil.

Out on track the cement dust, used to soak up the oil, seemed to be doing a great job and it soon became apparent that there was plenty of grip on the track and Colin started to set some really impressive times. In fact this was to be his most competitive session so far, qualifying  7th outright and 2nd in Class

For the race Colin made a poor start and got overtaken into the 1st corner but it was soon apparent that he was going to be a front runner, in this round, getting back past Colin Feyerbend into the last corner.

Colin then set off trying to catch the leaders and was helped by a fantastic battle in front of him with the cars slowing each other up. Colin was right up behind the leader in his class when a huge accident further back in the field caused the race to be finished early.

Who would have guessed it , two 2nd place trophies in a row .