After the damage to the gearbox at Donnington Park it looked like we were going to miss out on these two rounds and ultimately the championship! 

Gearbox parts for older prototype cars are hard to find, I tasked myself to get in contact with companies all over the world to try and find the parts. It was hard work but we managed to find the parts .. in Canada! now all we had was a few days to rebuild a complicated race gearbox!

Andy worked hard and had to build tooling that would be precise to within 0.1mm and after many hours, he had done it! We had a working gearbox.

We were disappointed after an average qualifying, the car was setup great, the gearbox was working great, we just wasn't very fast. Turns out that a simple spark plug had broken.

For the race the car was incredible and Colin battled up from a poor qualifying position for both races, to win both!  Well done Andy for building that gearbox without you, the season would have been over!