Between the sessions we made some adjustments to the brake bias and to the engine.
All of which made a step forward but the car still had very little feeling  in the breaks and had a tendency to try and spin but the lap times were about 4 seconds faster and put us 18th on the grid even though we only managed 5 laps before Colin spun of into the gravel.

After the session the car was bought back to the pits, where all the stones where dug out , The team then got back to work trying to find the problem with the breaks - eventually is was discovered that the problem was with the rear calipers.

So out we went for our run in the invitation class , Colin made a pretty good start as was keeping up with some of more powerful duratec cars whilst leaving the rest of the pinto class behind in his dust.

Colin's pace improved every lap right up until the last lap where he was the 1st pinto car home! ( a sort of victory if you ask me)


So now it was time for the main event - the Pinto race , Colin worked hard on the way to the grid trying to warm up the tyres on a still wet Silverstone track and boy did it make a big difference.
The lights went out and Colin got a cracking start passing 4 or 5 cars by the 1st corner and it continued, almost every corner of the first lap Colin got past a car and was right behind the leading group of class B Cars. He then starting making his way through them, and was up to second place half way through the race, then the leader of class B spun off the track!! Could you believe it, Colin was now leading the race!!

But remember this is Colin we are talking about and true to form the car developed a problem and was having problems getting into 3rd gear, but he struggled on only to be overtaken on the very last lap! but 2nd place was by far Colin's best result EVER and you wasn't going to get that smile off his face for days!