Hewland DiffWell the 2008 season was certainly eventful with some stirling drives in an ever improving car (thanks to Rick and Andy) only to be let down by a failing gearbox. It turns out that there was a  flaw with the original design of the diff and sadly it was always going to happen as the parts became more worn.

Anyway - WE HAVE NEW BITS -  not enough time to get them fitted for the final round but they are here!
The plan is to get the car stripped down and rebuilt for a test in February so we can get some track time in and change the setups :)

The car should be firing into life on the 14th of March 2009 for a quick systems check and to get some tuning done.

This year should be quite interesting , We were getting pretty damn fast last year and with the car having had plenty of TLC this should continue this year, I've also heard  that some TV coverage is on the cards as well, so we hope to see you there.