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1963 mk1 mini

This page is just to give a bit more insite into myself and my hobbies.
Currently im restoring this white 1963 Morris mini mk1.
The car was in a bad way when I purchased it from the previous owner and the work that was required made no financial sense to have it done by a specialist garage.

Taking this into account, i started taking evening classes at my local college who fortunately had a course for welding and classic car restoration. This was great fun and I met some great people that gave me the confidence to have ago at taking on this restoration.

What started off being a project with a time scale of a year, turned into something much bigger, these cars might be small but the problems can be massive – when I started cutting into it, it had no less than three floors all welded on top of each other!

What was also quite interesting was figuring out how to brace the car to keep it square as I cut more and more of it and building my own roll-over jig.